Dear Law School…

Blow Me…

Seriously, I have been unbelievably busy the past few weeks. I had a paper due, a few estate planning documents to finish, and a presentation. It doesn’t seem like much after I see it in writing, but good lord, it certainly took a long time to complete. Not to mention, I still have a child and husband who need attention occasionally.

Oh, and to put it a little mildly, I loathe public speaking. I know, I KNOW!! You’re thinking “How in the world are you going to be an attorney if you don’t like speaking in front of people”, because, let’s be honest, that is all attorneys do. And this is what I have to say about that: a very high percentage of attorneys have some sort of substance abuse. I feel sure I will fall into that category at some point or another, either with Prozac (of course you can abuse prozac. It’s prescription isn’t it) or alchohol, and I’m hoping it’s the former rather than the latter, as I don’t think Prozac is as hard on the liver as Malibu Rum. Seriously, the hours leading up to my presentation were some of the worst this semester. Next semester is going to be even WORSE because I’m taking a class that requires speaking almost EVERY SINGLE CLASS SESSION! Kill me now. Please.

But, I do have a little bit of breathing room until the first week of November. I have a big test to take the first Saturday in November, and then a big final paper due at the end of November.


Some big decisions have been made between Hubster and me in reference to future plans. It’s going to be a busy year.


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