We are living in a material world…

Babylicious is probably the cutest baby I’ve ever met. I swear, every morning when I go into his room to get him out of bed I fall more and more in love with him. I always smile at how adorable he is in his pajamas, rubbing the sleep from his tiny little eyes. And when he sits in his crib and gives his Eeyore and Monkey kisses, and then has them give each other kisses, simply makes my heart sing.


It is a very rare occasion that hubster and I lay in bed and talk for two hours. I wish all the time that we did it more often, but with the hectic life of being a law student and full time mother, when I lay in bed at night I want to be sleeping. Last Friday night, however, hubster actually came to bed with me when I went (that in itself is a rarity considering I always go to bed around 3 hours earlier than he does). Instead of falling right to sleep, I layed with my head on his chest, stroking his arm, listened to the rain falling outside of our window, and we just, talked. It was wonderful. It’s time like thoese that I remember why I married him. As stressful as life can be, most days we irritate each other at least for a few minutes a day, and sometimes we have fights that make me forget why we even stay married. But then we have one of our talks. We remind each other about our weaknesses, and how are marriage is still very young, and we just talk through the issues. Again, I wish dearly that these talks came at more frequent intervals, but I will take what I can get. I just have to learn to remember these evenings when I’m on the verge of calling a divorce lawyer*.



I am currently obsessed with three very specific, yet equally expensive fantastic, brands. In no particular order these are: Clarks brand shoes, Pandora Jewelry, and Petunia Picklebottom bags.

For years I have avoided heels like the plague because I have NEVER been one to choose style over comfort, and heels and I just never got along. However, upon discovering the brand Clarks, I have a new found respect for a good pair of heels. Even with 3 inch heels, Clarks feel as if you are walking on air. I now own 4 pair of heals, and 2 pair of flats from Clarks, and I am madly in love with every single one of them.

When I was a child my mother started a charm bracelet for me, and everywhere we went she would purchase a charm to put on it. I still have that charm bracelet, but don’t ever wear it. Over the summer I discovered Pandora Charms. These have the same idea as the traditional charm bracelet, in that you purchase the bracelets and charms separately and you buy the charms to symbolize important life events. However, these are modernized for the year 2009. There are a huge amount of charms to choose from, my favorite being the silver with gold accented charms. I started a bracelet showing all of Babylicious’s important first year events, and I’ve also now got a bracelet showing hubster’s and my life together. They are absolutely fantastic and beautiful and I can’t wait to add one for the next beh-beh.

When I was pregnant with babylicious I was researching diaper bags (as all first time mothers are apt to do) and I came across this fantastic brand called Petunia Picklebottom. Oh.my.god. I instantly fell in love. These are absolutely gorgeous diaper bags made out of brocade, or crushed velvet, or glazed canvas. I was hooked. I actually didn’t buy my first one until Babylicious was around a year old, and I just purchased my second quite recently. All of the Petunia bags are made with the idea of a modern mother. The diaper bags are equipped with changing pad and wipe cases, all of which can be removed when the beh-beh is too old for the diaper bag, and the mother wishes only to use it as a purse. I’m obsessed, and cannot WAIT for the patterns every few months…


So, this is what it feels like to laugh until I pee my pants.

As I might have mentioned at some point in time (or maybe not, I truly don’t know, and am too lazy to read over what I’ve written (as if there are years and years of posts to re-examine)) I love reading blogs. I’ve linked to a few of them in my blogroll, but really there are hundreds that haven’t been included.

Sometimes I come across a post so hilarious or heart-breaking that I absolutely must pass it on.

Amy who writes at www.amalah.com has an absolutely hysterical post up about her encounters with the bugs of suburbia.

Please go read. I laughed out loud. For like 5 minutes. In the middle of class.

It should be a crime…

I loathe socks.

Wait, just hear me out.

I know they serve a purpose. Athletes, for example, should probably never set foot on the field/court/pitch without first putting on a pair of well structured athletic sock.  In addition, business men who wear suits everyday (actually, not even just business men, but also, any person who wears pants on a regular basis) should wear a nice pair of socks to go with their shoes and PANTS (notice the emphasis on PANTS, not SHORTS). Children are another group of the populace who I don’t mind wearing socks.

However, considering the fact that I am neither an athlete, businessman, or child I try never to wear socks. Ever. If, for some unholy reason I ever feel the need to wear sneakers, I will wear socks. However, this happens very, very rarely. I always wear shoes that do not require socks, ie. ballet flats, pumps, sandals.

I’ve never stopped to think whether this is because I actually prefer those shoes to sneaker-type-shoes or because of my HUGE aversion to socks.

There have been recorded incidents in which I was completely unable to focus on the task at hand because someone haphazardly threw on a pair of faded black tube socks with a pair of flip-flops before leaving the house to enter the civilized world. No, really. I swear on my old blog I wrote a very similar post to the one you, dear reader, are currently enjoying, in which I verbally abused a poor woman who decided she was going to step out of her apartment clad in nice black capri pants, a relatively nice pair of black sandals, and a FADED pair of what appeared to be an old pair of GREYISH BLACK TUBE SOCKS. She was in one of my classes, and I’m pretty sure I missed everything the professor said that day, because I could not take my eyes off the socks. Towards the end of the THREE HOUR LONG LECTURE, it took everything in me not to jump up and rip her socks off and burn them. Luckily, I waited until I got home and blogged about it. Otherwise, I would probably still be working off my community service hours for the assault and battery charges against me.

I have no idea where this strange phobia (well, not really phobia, because it’s not as if I’m SCARED of socks, I just prefer not to see them, or touch them, or have them near me (especially when they are on someone’s feet) unless of course the socks belong to tiny little people, ie. babylicious) comes from. BUT, I think it might have something to do with my grandfather always, ALWAYS wearing socks with sandals my entire childhood. Even when I was 6, I still knew that this should NEVER be done. To this day, the WORST offenders in my opinion, are those rejects who still think it’s ok to wear socks with ANY kind of sandal. Here’s a tip people: Just because one celebrity does it, and then the masses decide it’s cool, does not mean it’s ACTUALLY ok to do. Even with the more athletic sandals (such as the adidas-shower-shoe-type-sandal, you know the ones I’m talking about, that made a huge splash around 1999, during which everyone decided it was a good idea 1.) to own a pair and 2.) to wear socks with them. Yeah, it was very hard for me to concentrate during High School.)

I just don’t like to see them, socks that is. I don’t care if you wear them. I just don’t want to see them. If you happen to be wearing shorts, please, please, please for the love of GOD do not wear giant tube socks. Wear some nice ankle length or the “no-show” (which, by the way, always show) socks, and for the love of all things holy, please do not wear sandals. Sandals are meant to be worn without socks. If you are cold in the feet, put on real shoes with your socks.

And for christs sake, if I have to see the socks, please don’t make me look at anything other than pristine white socks. I don’t want to see black socks (I know, this probably offends my European readers, as apparently the ONLY color socks you can buy in Europe is BLACK. Believe me, I was not thrilled when we were overseas this summer and our bags coming home were heavier by just a few ounces thanks to the, ahem, black socks hubster picked up) but there is a reason the majority of the world either does not wear socks, or wears only white socks: That is what GOD intended.

Hubster knows of my, shall we say “issues”, with socks and many a time he has tried to lay his socked feet ON MY LAP, as in, close to MY FACE. He always argues “They are CLEAN” as I’m violently throwing his foot as far away from any exposed skin and yelling “THEY ARE ON YOUR FEET!!! HOW CLEAN CAN THEY BE”. He just laughs and continues with his malicious display, until I am forced to remedy the situation by leaving the couch.

Yes, that will show him. Punish him for getting too close to me with his socked feet by giving him more room on the couch. I wonder how I will discipline Babylicious when he disobeys me. Candy? A nice shopping spree to Toys-R-Us? A pony perhaps?

But I digress.

Have a lovely day. Think hard about your choice of footwear.

I, dear readers, am off to burn a few of my European husbands (I bet you can guess the color) socks.


Today was the first day I’ve ever tried to put Babylicious to nap without a pacifier, which up until today has been the only time during his days I’ve allowed him to use one since he was around a year old.

(On a side note: I was so adamant against pacifier use before Babylicious was born, but that is a topic for another posts).

Anyhoo, as I contemplated whether he was ready to lose the paci for naptimes, I was going over the pros and cons in my head. I finally decided that we would try today, and see how it goes. In my head I thought to myself: Operation-No-Pacifier-at-Naptime is a GO…

Now, this is not the first time I’ve compared trying something new with Babylicious to a military excursion. In the past there has been:

  • Operation-Boobs-for-feeding
  • Operation-Schedule
  • Operation-Two-naps-a-day
  • Operation-Sleep-through-the-night
  • Operation-Sippy-Cup
  • Operation-One-nap-a-day

And today the most recent parenting operation. This got me to thinking. Why exactly do I compare changes in the routine to military operations? Is it really that bad?

Today for example. I took Babylicious to his room for his nap routine sans pacifier, placed him in his crib with his loveies, and left the room. Everything was exactly the same, save for placing his pacifier in before putting him in bed. He did fuss. I can’t jump up and down and get all excited that he didn’t make a sound, because he did. BUT, he never cried, he only whined, and it was only for around 5 minutes.

At best, I figured he would be awake a lot longer than he was, and at worst, I would have to go back in and give him his pacifier. But, like he does almost everytime, he surprised me with how easily he took to it. I certainly will not count my eggs before they’ve hatched, because there have been regressions in the past operations, and there may be with this one as well, but I am hoping for the best. Maybe this will stick and we will be completely rid of the pacifier WELL before his 2 year birthday, which was my goal.

Like I said earlier, Babylicious tends to surprise me with how well he adapts to change. I know it has to do with his age, and the fact that he hasn’t quite reached that stubborn phase yet. However, with almost everything we’ve done over the past 16 months, and with all the changes we’ve made, he remained a very cooperative baby.

When we went on a schedule for the first time, and I woke him from his first nap, he may have looked at me like I was crazy for waking him, but he soon forgot about that, and gave me a smile. When we started sleep training (DO NOT JUDGE ME!!!) of course he put up a bit of a fight the first night, but he quickly resigned himself to the idea of sleeping through the night, and would only occasionally put up a fight when something was truly wrong. When we went overseas he adapted to the time change better than both me and Hubster.

In other words, the child amazes me.

And yet, with all the positive feedback I’ve had from him, I continue to go into things with a rather negative outlook. I’m always hoping for the best, but thinking it won’t go according to plan. I’m pretty sure that my attitude has nothing to do with Babylicious and everything to do with the fact that I’m one very large pessimist, and I really shouldn’t be.

The point is, I am going to try and have a better outlook on things.

At least I will try.

I am a walking contradiction…

Today began like a typical Wednesday morning. I said goodbye to Hubster and Babylicious, left my apartment, stopped at the Local Huddle House for the morning elixir of the Gods, and then headed to school.

Let’s not forget that my school is located in one of the most conservative countines in Virginia. We’re not quite part of the Bible Belt in the south, but damn skippy, we are awfully close.

So I walk into school and the CLS (Christian Legal Society, for those of you not in the know) is hosting “Pro-Life Day” with free coffe and hot chocolate.


I have so many issues with this, I’m not sure where to start. This may ramble a bit.

I am pro-choice. However, this does not mean that I condone abortion.  I was in a situation that would cause many women to make that choice. That was not a choice for me, however, and 9 months later I gave birth to my beautiful babylicious. I also have a problem with abortions performed for no other reason than the mother does not want to carry a child to term. I have HUGE issues with this. HUGE. However, that is the mother’s choice. Who am I to take that choice away from her? Where do I get off saying what is best for her and her family?

I know what you’re thinking. Enact legislation that will only allow for an abortion when it is for the safety of the mother. But that is not always the case. Abortions are performed for many legitimate reasons, those of which include the mother’s health, AS WELL AS the health of the fetus, and the quality of life that that fetus will have once born. I don’t agree with women bringing children into the world, to have them die in pain and agony a few hours later. How is that humane? How is that any better than making the choice to save the baby from a life of misery?

I am a firm believer in the “slippery-slope” theory. Once legislation is passed to prohibit late term abortions with a clause that states “only for the health of the mother”, it is only a matter of time before there is legislation meant to prohibit ALL manner of abortion. And I can not stand for that.

Because I classify myself as “Pro-Choice” I am automatically lumped into the group of “baby-killers”, “anti-God”, and “anti-American”, by the right-wing Pro-lifers (by the way, I hate Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice, as if those of us who are “Pro-Choice” are anti-life). I’m not saying that all Pro-lifers bad mouth us Pro-Choice people, and I am certainly not saying that Pro-Choicers never speak out against the Pro-Life side, because we all know they do. However, in my own personal experience, the Pro-Life side has always been the more aggressive of the two. I try to sit back and take the position that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and again, who am I to decide what is best for people. But I have more than once taken personal offense at the attacks by the Pro-Lifers.

Now, getting back to the CLS and the celebration of “Pro-Life Day”. I don’t have a problem with “Pro-Life Day”, I truly don’t. However, in the area where I live it’s not an equal playing field. For the Pro-Choice crowd we have to deal with “Pro-Life Day”, but cannot celebrate “Pro-Choice Day” (if there even is such a day). It would be a travesty here in this area to celebrate “Abortions” (which is the spin that a day like that would inevitably take). The Pro-Life campaign gets to put pictures of babies up on the walls, in various stages of development and tote the statements “Look what you will be killing if you make that LEGAL choice”. What kind of pictures could the Pro-Choicers put up?

Let’s just think about that for a minute.

I know, I KNOW, this is probably an issue everywhere in the country. It’s just harder to deal with since I’m in the minority in this county. I’ll bet there are places in the country where the roles are reversed and the Pro-Lifers feel as if they are unable to campaign, and I would just like to tell them, that it’s ok, you can campaign all you want. But don’t shove it down my throat, and when I want to make a production about my views, let me.

That’s the problem here. You have to be careful with what you say and how you act. As far as this town has come over the past 10 years or so, most of the natives, and many of the faculty, staff, and student body, are still very backwards in their thinking, and most of them are not afraid to get vocal about it.

Ok, totally did not mean to make this into a political blog. Tomorrow (or the next day) more stories about babylicious and the terrors of law school.

Mami, Aunt J, Grandmommy, and Babylicious take Manhattan!!!

I am so unbelievably excited. I just registered for Blogher 2010. I know it’s still like a year away, and I have yet to make any other arraingement other than to register with Blogher, but whatever… I’M TOTALLY GOING TO BLOGHER 2010!!!!

There are quite a few blogs that I stalk on a regular basis, who’s authors I KNOW have gone to the past Blogher conferences, and my dream is to meet them all in person and have little tambourine’s picture taken with all of their children.

No, seriously.

That is my goal. I want a picture of Marlo and Babylicious and Ezra and Babylicious, and perhaps one of the three of them. I’d love Noah and Leta in the pictures to, but I’m not sure if they will show up.

Here is my plan. August 5, 2010 (Thursday) drive up to NYC. The business conference starts on the 5th, but we don’t need to be there for that. Check in, obviously, to the Hilton. Enjoy Friday the 6th at the Conference listening to all the fabulous women speak, and hopefully meeting some of the women I read daily. Saturday, I want to spend as much time at the conference as possible, however, I cannot go to NYC and not see Wicked on Broadway. So that is what I will be doing Saturday afternoon. And then we will be off Sunday back down south.


Keep in mind that this is just a week and a half after I take the Virginia Bar. What a great way to celebrate the completion of my first attempt at the Bar. It will be a time of limbo during which I am grateful to be finished, but scared out of my ever-loving mind that I failed and will have to take it again. Oh, the horrors.


This will be a great way to take my mind off things. Well, at least for a while.

and….. GO

Ok, this is my blog take, hmm let’s see, probably around 7 or so… if you include my travel blogs and such…


I have had requests from certain family members (shout out to Aunt J) that I blog at least weekly, so I am going to try to update on the goings on here in the Jerinic household at least once a week (or perhaps more, depending on how I’m feeling, but more than likely less, considering I’m in law school and, well, trying to raise a toddler and all).

This has been a sad day in America. The beloved Patrick Swayze died after a long battle with cancer. He was a fabulous human being and will be missed.

Also, for those of you tennis fans out there, Roger Federer, my son’s future father-in-law, who was going for his 6th US Open title, lost to newcomer Juan Martin Del Potro, the 20 year old Argentinian. Although Roger was not at his best, I was still quite disappointed upon his loss. In other words: I seriously wanted to take a base-ball bat to Del Potro’s knee caps. But seeing as though I am not in New York City at the moment, and considering I am supposed to be striving to be an upstanding moral citizen and all (you know, the whole “attorney” thing), I fought hard against my anger.

So, what’s been going on with the little tambourine since we last spoke.

He is now 16 months old. He is walking (actually, running most of the time). He is trying desperately to say more than just “hi”, “bye”, “mami”, and “dober dan”. He gives kisses to everyone and everything (including all his stuffed animals, and sometimes the mirror he is holding). We’re still having issues with bed-time (tonight it took 45 minutes of hard-core whining and a few screams thrown in for good measure). He had his first over-seas trip when we took him to meet Babi, Dijd, and Tetka Danijela in Slovenia. He swam in the Adriatic Sea and sunbathed for hours on the Croatian coast.

This year has been so much nicer than last year around this time. I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September. 

Alright, I think that’s good for a first entry back.