It’s coming to an end.

As much as I gripe about the tiny mountain village in which¬† I live, upon graduating on May 1 and heading back up north there are quite a few things I will miss about living in a town with a population of 1,384…

1. The Huddle House within walking distance of my apartment.

2. Being able to look out my front window and see the giant clock/thermometer at the bank

3. Granola and yogurt from Mountain Perks.

4. My apartment. Old? Yes. A little rundown? Perhaps. But it’s HUGE and CHEAP and it was my son’s first home.

5. My school. It’s been hard, but I will miss the faculty and friendly ambience.

6. Some, albeit not ALL, the local grundy-ites. They can be so friendly.

7. The fact that the entire Huddle House staff knows my family by name and always lets babylicious run around without comment.

8. The chinese food buffet. Also a friendly staff who don’t seem to mind when babylicious raises havoc on the restaurant.

9. Being able to get in my car and be ANYWHERE in town within 5 minutes.

10. The movie theatre. We can get the same experience for half the price of seeing a movie up north.

However, as with everything in life, there are also quite a few aspects of small town living that I will not miss:

1. Online shopping. I cannot wait to be able to go shopping again.

2. The lack of indoor options for children. Not even a Macdonalds playground. Seriously, there is nothing for children to do during the winter.

3. No front yard. The best part of moving up north is that we can open the door and let Babylicious frolick until his delight.

4. The hard-core-conservative-red-neck population who have never met anyone black, gay, or educated and would like to keep it that way.

5. The fact that everything takes twice as long here. You want to go run a couple of errands? Plan on spending two hours outside of the apartment DESPITE the fact that you can get EVERYWHERE within 5 minutes.

6. The expired dairy products that sit on the shelves of the grocery store for days before anyone notices.

7. The ABC (liquor store, for those readers not residing in VA) that closes at 7 p.m. Dubbya-Tee-Eff.

8. Trash pickup that occurs at 6 a.m. two times a week directly under babylicious’s bedroom window.

9. Not being able to make ATM deposits at the only Wachovia in town that doesn’t stay open past 4 on weekdays and is closed all weekend EVEN SATURDAY MORNINGS!!

10. Being 6 hours or more from civilization and everyone who I love.


Oh, for the love…

It’s been another long break from me. For no other reason than I’ve just been SUPER busy!!!

How about a quick recap. Let’s see, last we spoke it was Thanksgiving, is that right? Yes, sounds about right.

1. Spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with the fam, although the mother was still quite sore from the knee replacement.

2. Drove back to tiny mountain village and got to have two weeks worth of finals (my last fall semester finals EVER)

3. Drove back to the mother’s house for the three week holiday. Babylicious was THRILLED to be back with Grandmommy, and she was doing MUCH better after the two week break between visits.

4. Since the mother was still recuperating from the knee replacement she had the entire three weeks off while we were home. It was fabulous.

5. Got to spend plenty of quality time with Hubster and Babylicious.

6. Worked a little on my bar application. Thank goodness I’m not sitting for the NC Bar. That application was due January 5th. As it is, the VA Bar application isn’t due until May 10th, so I have some time.

7. Started my last semester of Law School!!!! WOO!!! Actually, this is my last semester (fingers crossed) of school EVER!!! (unless I decide to go for my L.L.M, but honestly, WHY would I do that?)

8. Babylicious and I both were ill a week or so ago. He got it much worse than I did, but he’s such a trooper.

9. And finally, we’ve just been settling back into the groove of things, trying to make plans for after graduation. As it stands May 2nd we will be saying toodles to tiny mountain village and moving back up north with the mother.

10. Oh, also, we’ve decided to put babylicious in daycare for a few hours a day starting when we move. He will be 2 on May 10, and he has never been to daycare yet. We think that with me studying for the bar and hubster hopefully being able to work, now is a really good time to enroll babylicious into daycare. He needs more child-interaction. Right now, whenever he sees a child he gets so excited, but doesn’t really know how to approach them. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but he’s going to be starting school in a little over 3 years, and we’d like him to have some social skills before then, you know what I mean?

Anysnootch, that’s what’s been going on for all my loyal readers (shout out to Aunt J)!!!!

I promise I’ll try to keep writing.