I am a re-located city girl living in a tiny mountain town. I am a full time mami to my little tambourine, as well as a full time Law Student. I know that seems impossible, but somehow I do it. I am married to a European immigrant who loves his family dearly, and without whom I would be completely un-able to do what I do on a daily basis.

This is the most recent of about 4 blogs that I have started, the longest of which lasted a year, but all of which eventually fell by the wayside. I am hoping to continue with this one. Most of what I write about will be my son, the little tambourine, my husband, Mr. Tambourine, and the daily goings-on of being a law student, living in a tiny “village” and raising a very lovely 8 month old.


100 Things:

1 Before I got pregnant and had my son I swore I would never be a stay at home mom. My mom worked, her mom worked, and everyone turned out wonderfully. Now, my goal in life is to be a stay at home mom.

2 I attend the smallest Law School in the country. No Joke, 300 students.

3 I love taking arms length pictures.

4 It used to be a lot of fun to do this pre-digital photography because I would take them with other people’s cameras, and they wouldn’t know until they got the film developed.

5 Some of the best times of my life were spent at Baja Bean Company in Richmond.


6 Dublin is my favorite city in the world (at least from those I’ve visited).

7 I like to curse. Seriously. It makes me feel really good to use foul language.

8 I’m trying to stop using foul language because of the impressionable minds living in my apartment.

9 The first time I ever saw/heard my husband, I thought he was Australian. He’s actually Slovenian.

10 My favorite meal of all time is a chicken fillet bagget with a can of Bulmers.

11 I think psychiatry is phenomenal. If I had the time/money I would visit a therapist weekly.

12 People who don’t believe in psychiatry and emotional drugs make me weary.

13 I’m under the belief that everyone could benefit from therapy, and quite a few people would benefit from being on antidepressant/anxiety medication, myself included.

14 My wedding day was one of the best days of my life.


15 I was married in front of a judge .

16 On a Thursday afternoon.

17 Just me and Mr. Tambourine.

18 I wish I had stayed in the hospital longer after giving birth.

19 The worst pain in the world is the first time getting out of bed after having a c-section.

20 The sweetest sound I’ve ever heard is when my son laughs.

21 I wish I listened to music more often.

22 I love music and used to listen to my ipod constantly.

23 Now my ipods broken and the only time I listen to music is on my 2 minute drive to school.

24 The first time I saw Celine Dion live, I cried.

25 I’m a hardcore liberal and I live in one of the most conservative counties in Virginia. Makes for interesting conversation.

26 When I hear a southern accent I automatically think the person I’m talking to is ignorant. I know, snap judgment. What can I say.

27 I make a lot of snap judgments.

28 I don’t get along with most of my family.

29 When I have a house of my own it will have a “mother-in-law” suite, so that my mom can come and live with us when she gets old and decrepit.

30 I’m not a sports person.

31 The only sport I watch/care about is Tennis.

32 I’m also trying to get into Soccer.

33 I get secretly annoyed when people don’t know that Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia, or that Yugoslavia no longer exists, or where Yugoslavia actually was, or where Slovenia is now.

34 When we were first dating I used to love listening to my husband speak in his language to his family.

35 I still smile when he’s on the phone. I can’t wait to hear my son speak the language.

36 I didn’t truly enjoy motherhood until my son was over a month old.

37 I recently bought a Digital SLR camera. It has made taking arms length photos difficult. I don’t like that.

38 When my sister and I lived in the same household we weren’t friends.

39  It took her going to college to bring us closer.

40 I’m obsessed with reality television.

41 My favorite reality television show is The Amazing Race.

42 I’ve often thought of having my own reality television show because I am convinced people would watch it.

43 I’ve always wanted to go on The Amazing Race, and when I was in college I went so far as to download and print out the application.

44 Honestly, the only person who I could go on the Amazing Race with and not want to kill is my mother.

45 Or maybe my son when he gets old enough.

46 I am not an athletic person at all.

47 I do like to walk on an elliptical trainer, but it takes a lot of effort to actually get on one.

48 I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.

49 I was on weight watchers and did really well, until I got pregnant.

50 I viewed pregnancy as a free pass to eat whatever I wanted.

51 In hindsight that was not a good idea.

52 I would pay someone to be on call to rub my back whenever I wanted.

53 I try to get my husband to rub my back, but usually he says no.

54 If I could pay someone to style it every day I would cut my hair short.

55 I love putting make-up on.

56 Showers are one of the most relaxing places to be.

57 Whenever I feel like crying I go in the shower.

58 Before becoming pregnant I was against co-sleeping, ambivalent about breastfeeding, and didn’t think I’d ever let my son CIO.

59 At 6 months, we went through the Ferber method of sleep training. Don’t judge me.

60 It was the best thing we’ve done thus far.

61 In the past 7 years I’ve had a total of 2 boyfriends.

62 One of them is now Mr. Tambourine.

63 I learned how to play pool because I had a crush on a boy.

64 The relationship never went further than playing pool together.

65 I used to play pool for hours and hours every day.

66 I haven’t played pool for over a year.

67 When I used to like I boy I would obsess over them and fully immerse myself in their lifestyles.

68 Things never progressed with most boys that I liked.

69 I never had to obsess with Mr. Tambourine.

70 We fell together rather smoothly.

71 I knew after 3 weeks that I would marry him and have his children.

72 I get angry very easily.

73 I don’t get over anger and have been known to hold a very long grudge.

74 If I believe I’m right I will hold a grudge to my dying day.

75 I’m usually right.

76 I put a lot of merit into reading a person’s vibes.

77 I’m usually a good judge of character.

78 I’m very insecure.

79 I constantly worry about being left behind.

80 I’m scared of heights.

81 I used to be afraid to fly, but after flying to Europe on a regular basis, I’m over that.

82 Every time I’m on a plane I think about it crashing.

83 I also think about car crashes a lot.

84 Mr. Tambourine plays the lottery.

85 We talk late into the evenings about what we would do with the winnings.

86 I like animals, but will never have pets.

87 I don’t understand the whole “companionship” thing with animals.

88 I prefer people to animals.

89 I love to travel, and am working in order to fund that passion as I get older.

90 I hope desperately that my son loves traveling and new experiences when he gets older.

91 I wish “gap year” (the year between graduating high school and attending college) was practiced on a regular basis in the states.

92 I hope one day to live in Europe with the males in my life.

93 I want to have one more son and a daughter, in that order.

94 Socks are gross, and I don’t wear them unless I absolutely have to.

95 I’ve had to rise above and “be the bigger person” more times in my life than anyone should have to.

96 I love to read, and hope to instill this love in my children.

97 I also love to watch movies.

98 I can’t wait to take my children to Disneyland.

99 Before we were married Mr. Tambourine and I almost broke up when he tried to teach me how to play tennis.

100 I don’t like when people don’t like me, but I’m alright with disliking others.



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  1. um, I left a lot of comments on FB regarding this. sorry ’bout that.

    I love you 🙂

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