What’s Babylicious been up to?

I’ve never done those monthly updates on the life of Babylicious. I tried, once, on one of my previous blogs, but got sidetracked after school started back up, and I’m pretty sure I only got to month 4 or 5. However, he seems to be picking up something new every single day, so I decided I should document some of those milestones (seriously, they’re milestones. They should be found in child development books.)

At 17 months and 5 days, your child should:

  • Understand most of what you say (even if he can’t repeat everything) including: “Take this to Ati/Mami”, “Let’s go take a bath”, “Are you ready for a nap?”, “Will you find me a ball?”, “Can you please pour Mami another glass of wine”.
  • Upon hearing that it’s nap time, run to his room and begin climbing on the chair next to the crib to get just a tiny bit closer to the wonder that is Monkey and Eeyore, before Mami even has the ability to change diaper or clothes.
  • Upon hearing it’s bath-time, run to bathroom, immediately lean as far over the tub as humanly possible while still maintaning contact with the floor, and attempt to turn the water on.
  • When prompted to do so, lean forward to give kisses. If it so happens that the forhead is what hits the mouth, then so be it.
  • After waking up from bed-time/nap-time immediately runs to the noisemaker and tries to turn it off (mami helps if need be), then does a 180 and turns off the heater.
  • Says the words “Bye, Ball, Hot, Blue, Duck”, and seems to know what they mean.
  • Mimicks sounds from mami and ati, including but not limited to that sound that you make at the back of your throat when you are trying to clear something, as well as screams (happy screams, obviously) and squeels.
  • While playing with trucks/cars/or any other toy meant as a vehicle (his chair, the mami duck, etc) he makes the truck noise with his tongue as he moves said toy across the floor.
  • Upon hearing a train whistle (this may seem odd to most. You may be thinking “How often does he hear a train whistle?” But believe me when I say, it’s quite a lot) he runs into mami and ati’s bedroom to look at the tracks while the train goes by. (He can see it clearly, as we live only about 30 feet from the train tracks. Yeah, that’s a story for another post).
  • Can get almost all 9 shapes (well, 7 since we lost two of the shaped blocks) into his shape cube.
  • Is actually interested in looking at books. In addition, he likes to take mami’s hand and point to things with it, while mami recites the name of the picture.
  • Can run, walk (but not yet skip), and adores jumping in puddles.
  • Enjoys helping with laundry. Will attempt to close dryer door after every.single.sock he places into the dryer, all the while Mami is saying “We’re not done yet, here’s another sock to put in”. Also, loves to put the dirty clothes in the washer, but can barely reach the top so usually just tosses the article of clothing up, hoping it falls into the giant opening.
  • Eats yogurt, cottage cheese, and macaroni beautifully with his own utensils. Still has problems with most foods.
  • Refuses to eat most vegetables, fruits, meats, or anything that has a weird consistency or temperature.
  • Loves crackers, yogurt, jarred veggies (I know, we’re going to work on that soon) cottage cheese, macaroni and cheese, soups, and grits.
  • Officially weaned from the pacifier.

I know there’s more, and perhaps I will add to the list as I see things happening, but for now I think this gives a fairly good idea on where he is.

I just love him. Dearly.


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  1. visuallizing isn’t enough for me. I want to see him do all these things. it’s not fair 😦 I knew that he was smart and was learning new things and doing things, but I never thought about those little things like turningon the water or turning off the noisemaker or running to see the tracks. it’s not fair.

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