This one’s for the sister…

So, I was at the mother’s house for the Thanksgiving holiday, sitting on the couch with the sister when she pulled up this blog, turned the screen to me and said “I’ve looked at the same post for a month now”. I guess I haven’t been keeping up with the Joneses.

Hi Jess!!!

For months now Hubster and I were thinking that we’d stay home for Thanksgiving and not make the trek up North. It seemed like such a hassle considering we’d have to turn around a few days later and head back home. Add in the fact that I have three weeks off in a couple of weeks and we were going to make the trek AGAIN. finals are coming up and I had two ENORMOUS assignments to complete that week, so it just seemed logical for us to stick around the school so I could study and what not.

So anyway, the Friday before Thanksgiving, when the rest of my classmates were making a break for it, we remained. I spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at the school library. Monday, after finishing quite a bit of my work, I went home and said to Hubster “I think we should go visit mom”. And he said “Ok, let’s pack”. Thirty minutes later we’d thrown Babylicious and a bag or two into the car and were on the road.

There were definitely some ups and downs of the week:

1. Babylicious wasn’t feeling himself for about three days.

2. Mother just had a knee replacement and wasn’t able to move, so  I was left helping out (which, by the way, was one major reason we decided to visit).

3. Hubster was being worthless, even though he promised me time and time again that he would help out as well.

4. I got to see the SISTER!!!! WOO!!!!

5. We were able to have Turkey with my favorite three women in the world (well, we didn’t actually have Turkey with the Sister, but she was at least there to watch the parade).

For the most part it was a good week. I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday mainly because we are broke, but I was able to find a Boston Coat for 50% off the original price. By Friday Babylicious was back to his old self (which is being the most adorable little boy in the world).

We’re back at school now after making the drive yesterday (apparently one of the busiest travel days of the year) and thankfully we didnt’ hit any traffic.

Now I’m holed up in the Library for two weeks studying for finals. I may emerge before then to say hello, but chances are you won’t see me until around December 11th.


Testing, one two three

I have a whole post in my head about sleeping, but I just downloaded wordpress for my itouch so I wanted to test it out.

This is just a test.

MPRE, and other such nonsense.

Babylicious LOVES to help me with my make-up. Obviously, I use the word “help” quite loosely. That is, by “help”, I mean stand at my feet hollering until I hand him whatever it is I have just applied to my face. Whether it be my blush brush, eyeshadow, or eyeliner, it is fascinating to Babylicious. I can usually disuade him from spending the ENTIRE time snapping at my ankles by pointing and shouting emphatically “Look!!! Babylicious!!! A QUARTER!!!!”

What? You don’t let your hey-let’s-put-everything-into-our-mouths toddlers play with small shiny pieces of metal? It’s great entertainment… you should TOTALLY try it…

Anyhoo, so today babylicious and I were doing the make-up dance, me pointing emphatically, him yelling and throwing things at my head, when I did something that I hardly ever do. I handed him my eyeliner after I was finished applying it.

Let’s pause here to note that Babylicious is at that stage where he literally imitates EVERYTHING we do. Hubster coughs, babylicious coughs, then smiles. I rub my belly (yes, a daily occurrence (why did I just spend 5 minutes trying to figure out how to spell that word?) Don’t judge me) Babylicious wips up his shirt and rubs his own belly, and then smiles, of course. You do NOT want to know what he does when he comes to the bathroom with me. I’ll totally leave that to your imagination.

Anyhoo, back to the eyeliner. I hand it to him, with the ridiculous thought that the cap was on tight enough that a child would be unable to open it. Can you see where this is going?

I finish putting my makeup on, smiling because I was able to finish in peace. I turn around and babylicious is sitting on my bed and he has eyeliner ALL OVER HIS FACE.  As if that isn’t funny enough, it is concentrated around his left eye. How freaking adorable, right? He was trying to put on eyeliner, ON HIS EYE!!! Where it’s SUPPOSED TO GO!!!

But, the problem is, it’s the 16 hour Revlon Colorstay eyeliner. That shit is HARD to get off. If you don’t use either vasaline or real make-up remover to take it off, it will stay on for days, DAYS. Needless to say, when I get home from school, I will be taking a face cleansing wipe to his eye socket.


On Saturday I had to take the MPRE. For those of you not in the “Law School” know, that is the Mulitstate Professional Responsibility Exam. It’s basically an ethics exam that all future attorneys must pass before taking the Bar Exam.

Ethics you ask? Yes, ethics. Because apparently a few years back Lawyers began getting a reputation for dishonesty and un-ethical behavior. I know right? Go figure. A dishonest attorney. Boggles the mind.

Anyhoo, this ethics exam is only offered in a variety of places and being as though I live in a community with a population of about 200, I had to do a bit of traveling. I woke up at 5 a.m. Kissed Hubster and Babylicious goodbye, and headed off into the sunrise. Ugh. It was horrible. I don’t care how much sleep you get. When you wake up LONG before the sun rises, you’re going to feel tired. I had coffee, but of course it didn’t kick in until around hour 1.5.

I made it to the exam with plenty of time despite the raging headache I incurred after listening to 3 hours of Conservative talk radio.

I have to get an 85 to pass in Virginia. Let’s cross our fingers.