This is why I married a foreigner

Hubster, Babylicious and I were sitting at a table in the Chinese Food Restaurant, as we often do, having a lovely conversation about winning the lottery the economy. As per my usual, I have a glass of water with my meal. Hubster is drinking a coke, and babylicious is gnawing on the end of what used to be the straw to his milk.

We’re having a grand ol’ time, when, for just a second, I glance away to ponder my next trip to the buffet. As I turn back to voice my need for another egg roll, I notice my glass of water is missing. I look to babylicious, the usual suspect when something is amiss. No empty glass. No ice in his lap. No grin that usually accompanies his mischevious ways.

I then turn to Hubster. He has his right hand immersed in my drinking water.

blink. blink blink blink. blink.

I watch in astonishment as he removes his right hand and replaces it with his left. Upon completion of this act he wipes his hands on a napkin, finally looking up at my face.

“What?” he says innocently. I just stare.

“Are you washing your hands in my drinking water?” I ask.

“Yes. Could you ask for lemon next time. My hands still smell like pork”. He states, as if he didn’t just take my glass of water from in front of me and put his hands in it.

“Seriously, did you just take MY drinking water from in front of me and use it to wash your hands?” I say, quite loudly.

He laughed. Babylicious laughed. I couldn’t help but break out into a smile. Really, what harm was done? All I had to do was ask for a second glass of water, but this whole encounter had me thinking about the differences between his culture and the American culture. In his culture they usually have a bowl of water with lemon in it to rinse their hands after a meal. Here in America, we use wet naps. Or we lick our fingers (which, on a side note, I am in the process of teaching Babylicious).

Hubster continued to giggle, and I said “What would your mother think?”

Later that evening we were skyping the in-laws across the ocean and I was telling them what happened at the restaurant, including that Hubster was drinking a coke instead of water.

And do you know what his mother said?

“Well, if you wash your hands in coke they will get sticky”. Because she doesn’t speak English I have no idea if she was kidding or not.


At least I know from where Hubster gets his mannerisms.


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