On motherhood (the first of many, I feel sure…)

Oh.my.lord. This parenting is going to KILL me.

The littlest turned 1 about 3 weeks ago and since then he has REALLY been showing his “colors”. Refuse to give him the pearing knife we used to cut an apple. SCREAAAMMMM. Gently place him out of reach of the curtains that could easily be pulled down. SCREAAAMMMM HOLLER HOLLERRRR!!! Try to tell him in a soothing voice that it’s probably better if we sit in the… SIT in the… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SIT IN THE BATH-TUB!!! WAIIIILLLLL SCREAAAMMMM HOLLLLEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!

This is all in addition to my nearly 4 year old who is testing me every-time I turn around.

Wow, am I tired.



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