My baby (one year old is still considered a “baby”, right?) vomits. A lot. At least once a day we have to run him to the bathroom and toss his clothes in the trash.

Am I the only parent who has to deal with this on a daily basis?

I find myself bracing for the onslaught of curdled milk every time Pax coughs, clears his throat, BREATHES TOO DEEPLY. It’s ridiculous. Forget about solid pieces of food. Sometimes even the purees make him gag to the point of vomiting. I mentioned this to the Dr. at his one year check up and Doc’s response, “Some babies just have a sensitive gag reflex. He’ll get over it. Just keep letting him experiment with small pieces of food.”

Great. Sounds easy, right?

Until you’re cleaning up cottage-cheese-looking vomit off the dining room carpet and thinking to yourself “When did he eat cottage cheese?” The answer being, HE DIDN’T.

So yes, I’m a little tired of the vomit. And I’m hoping it stops. Otherwise the beh-beh will exist on yogurt and milk.


In other news, I ordered a Petunia with my tax refund and it is TOTES going to be here tomorrow. CAN’T WAIT!!!!


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  1. 1) You used “totes” 🙂 that’s funny 🙂
    2) re: your topic. Ew. Email Amy. She’ll understand as she herself has been through a horkfest or two.

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