::sobs quietly in the corner::

I realized today that I will be unable to attend blogher.

::Collapses dramatically to the floor::

I’m so very sad.

Originally this was going to be a trip that the sister (also a blog fanatic, at least fanatical about a couple o’ blogs) and I would make together. It then evolved into a trip I would be making with Hubster. I was so excited as I’ve read so many of these women for years and I was finally, FINALLY, going to meet some of them.

But it was not to be.

As some of you know (::waves to Aunt J in the front row::) I will be taking the Virginia Bar Exam in July.  This exam is a two day (and by “day” I mean like 12 hours) exam that begins very early on both mornings. This exam is also held in only one city in Virginia. Seeing as though I don’t live anywhere near this particular city, I will be forced to travel. Travel involves hotel rooms. Hotel rooms require funds. I know, right? They actually expect you to PAY for a hotel room? What nerve. Also, lest I faint from hunger and fatigue, traveling also requires food.

I was crunching the numbers today and it will be quite impossible for us to afford both the Bar Exam (which I’ve already dumped QUITE a bit of money into) in addition to Blogher. ::picks self off the floor, wipes nose, sniffles::

Seriously though, I was this close to taking the February 2011 Bar Exam so that I could go to Blogher this year.

However, there is a silver (albeit a little tarnished) lining. Originally I was going to take the Bar by myself, as in travel and stay in the hotel alone. However, since Blogher is no longer feasible, Hubster has decided to travel with me and stay with me in the hotel, and we are going to stay an extra night after the exam as a celebration for getting through it.

(For those of you in law school wondering how in the world I can celebrate after simply “taking” the exam, fear not. The celebration will be muted considering I don’t get the actual results of the exam until October)

I’ve found a lovely woman to purchase my conference pass. I’m sure she will have a blast, as will all those attending.

It just wasn’t in the stars for me this year.


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