My current obsession…


I know I’ve talked about how I tend to obsess over one thing for a while, and while I’m emersed in that obsession I don’t think much about anything else.

Well is my current obsession.  I’ve known about Etsy for a long time but only recently took the time to browse around the site. I am so glad I did. Because everything is hand-made and most items you can get custom there is something for everybody. You can find very unique and interesting things.

My favorite category is the jewelry. It’s amazing to me what people can do on their own. I wish I was talented enough to construct something like these people do.

I think it would be great if certain ladies in my family *cough*Mom and Jessi*cough* who actually ARE talented with crafts/photography/stained glass/etc start an etsy page.


51 days until graduation, but really, who’s counting?



  1. are you trying to hint at something? I can do all those things myself, but it’s easier to focus on photo and just let everyone else make my jewelry and such. I do need to make a new lanyard for my ID though. I hate my current one.

    Anyhoo, can’t wait to see you for graduation. Also, maybe that Friday, during the day, we can take Nes to the park during the sunset time and I can get some really beautiful shots of him. check my picasa site later for photos of SBJ from Monday afternoon. I’ve got a gift. Really I do 🙂

  2. OMFG you CANNOT pry my lifeless fingers away from etsy.

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