I love me some deals…

I made an amazing discovery this week. Ebay. (I know right? Welcome to 2003.) 

No, but SERIOUSLY. Ebay is fabulous. Up to this point I have always been very weary of the whole online auction thing. I didn’t understand Paypal. I didn’t understand the whole “maximum bid” thing. I was really just ignorant to anything Ebay related. Give me Amazon any day of the week and I can purchase you under the table. There’s nothing fancy with Amazon. You pick out what you want. You put in your credit card number. And BAM!!! You have the product. Not so much with Ebay. Until now. 

The first time I EVER used Ebay was when I was in desperate need of a Starbucks Ceramic Mug (Hush. You can TOTALLY be in desperate need of a travel mug) 

Anyhoo, I could not find one ANYWHERE. Not one online store (or real store for that matter) carried these fabulous mugs. In one such Starbucks store, one of the cashiers said the words that forever changed my life. “You could always try Ebay”. So I bit the bullet. Within 5 minutes of perusing the site I located the coveted Starbucks Mug. I was dumbstruck. There it was. And the best part was: there was a “buy it now” option. No bidding. No risk of being over-bid. Almost instant gratification. 

So, of course, I purchased it. And never looked back. 

Now, lest you think I am one of “those people” who maxes out her credit cards on frivolous items that are not needed, I’d like to make it clear that my first purchase was made over a month ago and since then I have purchased one other item and am currently bidding on a second (both of which I cannot live without). 

My second purchase was a watch. Something that is great about Ebay is that you can find BRAND NEW items that are being sold simply because a new line of the brand has been released and the old stock must be sold. This is how I got a STUNNING brand new fossil watch usually retailing for $125 for MUCH LESS. SO much less. And I needed a new watch. I only had one watch and it was horribly scratched on the face (seriously, like to the point it was hard to read). 

That is the only other purchase I’ve made on Ebay. However, I am currently bidding on a pair of almost-new Sofft shoes (if you don’t know Sofft, look them up). I am graduating in the next few months and have not a single pair of suitable graduation shoes (Shut Up, I don’t). The shoes I am bidding on, if won, will be gorgeous, and a INCREDIBLE deal. 

All of this to say… I love Ebay. 

That is all. 

P.S. I have been married for 2.5 years and just yesterday purchased an engagement ring. That’s right. We like to do things a little backwards here at JWH. I can’t wait for it to be delivered.


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