Random ramblings…

1. Mi Madre is here!!! It is such a breath of fresh air to see her. I’ve told some of my friends that my mom is coming for a week, and their response is “Oh, really?”, as if it is a bad thing. And I always have to clarify with “Oh, no, it’s fantastic. I love having her around”, because, you see, I truly do.

2. Hubster said another sweet thing to me today. He said that if I were to ever die he’d have to commit suicide because he would be too lonely to continue on without me. I know it’s kind of morbid, but still sweet.

3. We got Babylicious’s halloween costume (Courtesy of Aunt J)(Shout out to Aunt J)(Actually, this whole blog is a shout out to Aunt J, since she’s likely the only one reading this, other than mi madre). Anyhoo, the costume is a pumpkin, which is what I wanted him to be last year, but he was much too tiny to go trick or treating last year. We broke the costume out last night and took some early pictures, and oh.my.god he is so PRECIOUS!!!! Probably the cutest 17 month old pumpkin I’ve ever seen. No. Really. There will be pictures at the beginning of next month.

4. I’m contemplating a tattoo. I know, I KNOW, this coming from the girl who has two tattoos and loathes one of them to the point of wanting to get it removed. But one reason I truly dislike both of my tattoos is that they don’t MEAN anything.  I was the 18 year old who walked into a tattoo parlor, looked at the pictures on the wall, and chose a tribal design to have done. And it was an UGLY tribal design. I love WHERE I have it (on the top of my foot), but if I have to go one more day looking at it, I may cut off my own foot (regardless of the fact that I just bought 5 new pairs of clarks). Anyhoo, I swore I would never get another tattoo until the one on my foot was dealt with. However, the sister (another shout out to AUNT JIZZLE IN THE HIZZLE!!!) is a horrible influence, and has been telling me that she wants more tattoos. She goes so far as to send me sketches of what she has planned (I know, right? Including me in her plans. The audacity). But whenever she mentions tattoos I start to twitch. And see, the thing is, I totally have a reason to get a tattoo now. I have a son. My newest tattoo could actually MEAN something. I’ll have to mull it over a bit more before taking the dive, but I want to get rid of the one on my foot, and right now that is looking more like having it converted to a giant shamrock (I love Ireland and anything Irish, but that is a story for another post) because the laser is incredibly expensive, painful, and not guaranteed to actually work. So… yeah… we’ll see…

5. My anniversary is coming up next weekend. It will be two years. I feel like it was just yesterday. Hubster and I are going away for the weekend while mi madre is staying with Babylicious. I’m really looking forward to it, as Hubster and I always have a blast when we are able to relax and spend time with each other.

I think I’m done for now.



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