We are living in a material world…

Babylicious is probably the cutest baby I’ve ever met. I swear, every morning when I go into his room to get him out of bed I fall more and more in love with him. I always smile at how adorable he is in his pajamas, rubbing the sleep from his tiny little eyes. And when he sits in his crib and gives his Eeyore and Monkey kisses, and then has them give each other kisses, simply makes my heart sing.


It is a very rare occasion that hubster and I lay in bed and talk for two hours. I wish all the time that we did it more often, but with the hectic life of being a law student and full time mother, when I lay in bed at night I want to be sleeping. Last Friday night, however, hubster actually came to bed with me when I went (that in itself is a rarity considering I always go to bed around 3 hours earlier than he does). Instead of falling right to sleep, I layed with my head on his chest, stroking his arm, listened to the rain falling outside of our window, and we just, talked. It was wonderful. It’s time like thoese that I remember why I married him. As stressful as life can be, most days we irritate each other at least for a few minutes a day, and sometimes we have fights that make me forget why we even stay married. But then we have one of our talks. We remind each other about our weaknesses, and how are marriage is still very young, and we just talk through the issues. Again, I wish dearly that these talks came at more frequent intervals, but I will take what I can get. I just have to learn to remember these evenings when I’m on the verge of calling a divorce lawyer*.



I am currently obsessed with three very specific, yet equally expensive fantastic, brands. In no particular order these are: Clarks brand shoes, Pandora Jewelry, and Petunia Picklebottom bags.

For years I have avoided heels like the plague because I have NEVER been one to choose style over comfort, and heels and I just never got along. However, upon discovering the brand Clarks, I have a new found respect for a good pair of heels. Even with 3 inch heels, Clarks feel as if you are walking on air. I now own 4 pair of heals, and 2 pair of flats from Clarks, and I am madly in love with every single one of them.

When I was a child my mother started a charm bracelet for me, and everywhere we went she would purchase a charm to put on it. I still have that charm bracelet, but don’t ever wear it. Over the summer I discovered Pandora Charms. These have the same idea as the traditional charm bracelet, in that you purchase the bracelets and charms separately and you buy the charms to symbolize important life events. However, these are modernized for the year 2009. There are a huge amount of charms to choose from, my favorite being the silver with gold accented charms. I started a bracelet showing all of Babylicious’s important first year events, and I’ve also now got a bracelet showing hubster’s and my life together. They are absolutely fantastic and beautiful and I can’t wait to add one for the next beh-beh.

When I was pregnant with babylicious I was researching diaper bags (as all first time mothers are apt to do) and I came across this fantastic brand called Petunia Picklebottom. Oh.my.god. I instantly fell in love. These are absolutely gorgeous diaper bags made out of brocade, or crushed velvet, or glazed canvas. I was hooked. I actually didn’t buy my first one until Babylicious was around a year old, and I just purchased my second quite recently. All of the Petunia bags are made with the idea of a modern mother. The diaper bags are equipped with changing pad and wipe cases, all of which can be removed when the beh-beh is too old for the diaper bag, and the mother wishes only to use it as a purse. I’m obsessed, and cannot WAIT for the patterns every few months…


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  1. Section 1: Fighting back tears. Such a beautiful child and such a beautiful thing to read about.
    Section 2: I wish my husband would talk to me. This is where Darkie and B differ—-B doesn’t talk. Ever. So irritating.
    Section 3: Looking into Clarks.

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