Today was the first day I’ve ever tried to put Babylicious to nap without a pacifier, which up until today has been the only time during his days I’ve allowed him to use one since he was around a year old.

(On a side note: I was so adamant against pacifier use before Babylicious was born, but that is a topic for another posts).

Anyhoo, as I contemplated whether he was ready to lose the paci for naptimes, I was going over the pros and cons in my head. I finally decided that we would try today, and see how it goes. In my head I thought to myself: Operation-No-Pacifier-at-Naptime is a GO…

Now, this is not the first time I’ve compared trying something new with Babylicious to a military excursion. In the past there has been:

  • Operation-Boobs-for-feeding
  • Operation-Schedule
  • Operation-Two-naps-a-day
  • Operation-Sleep-through-the-night
  • Operation-Sippy-Cup
  • Operation-One-nap-a-day

And today the most recent parenting operation. This got me to thinking. Why exactly do I compare changes in the routine to military operations? Is it really that bad?

Today for example. I took Babylicious to his room for his nap routine sans pacifier, placed him in his crib with his loveies, and left the room. Everything was exactly the same, save for placing his pacifier in before putting him in bed. He did fuss. I can’t jump up and down and get all excited that he didn’t make a sound, because he did. BUT, he never cried, he only whined, and it was only for around 5 minutes.

At best, I figured he would be awake a lot longer than he was, and at worst, I would have to go back in and give him his pacifier. But, like he does almost everytime, he surprised me with how easily he took to it. I certainly will not count my eggs before they’ve hatched, because there have been regressions in the past operations, and there may be with this one as well, but I am hoping for the best. Maybe this will stick and we will be completely rid of the pacifier WELL before his 2 year birthday, which was my goal.

Like I said earlier, Babylicious tends to surprise me with how well he adapts to change. I know it has to do with his age, and the fact that he hasn’t quite reached that stubborn phase yet. However, with almost everything we’ve done over the past 16 months, and with all the changes we’ve made, he remained a very cooperative baby.

When we went on a schedule for the first time, and I woke him from his first nap, he may have looked at me like I was crazy for waking him, but he soon forgot about that, and gave me a smile. When we started sleep training (DO NOT JUDGE ME!!!) of course he put up a bit of a fight the first night, but he quickly resigned himself to the idea of sleeping through the night, and would only occasionally put up a fight when something was truly wrong. When we went overseas he adapted to the time change better than both me and Hubster.

In other words, the child amazes me.

And yet, with all the positive feedback I’ve had from him, I continue to go into things with a rather negative outlook. I’m always hoping for the best, but thinking it won’t go according to plan. I’m pretty sure that my attitude has nothing to do with Babylicious and everything to do with the fact that I’m one very large pessimist, and I really shouldn’t be.

The point is, I am going to try and have a better outlook on things.

At least I will try.


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