I would probably murder someone to see Sigur Ros live…

Too bad they never come anywhere near my village.

I played some Sigur Ros for the little tambourine today for the first time and he loved it. I held him in my arms with the itunes blasting. He laughed, smiled, and exerted a level of excitement I truly had never seen before. He lifted his arm in the air as if he was trying to feel the music. I knew immediately how he felt. I’ve now played Takk on repeat for the past 6 hours, softly of course, as background noise. If he gets fussy, I turn it up, and at least for a little while, he is quiet.

I missed classes today. Mr. Tambourine isn’t feeling well, and I didn’t want him to have to worry about caring for little tambourine while he is ill. It’s early in the semester, and I have an absence or two that I can waste. The sun is shining for the first time in 2 weeks, and the temperature is above 40, so we went for a walk, had some lunch, soaked in the Vitamin D. Anything to distract the little tambourine from the discomfort of being a baby. I do believe little tambourine’s teeth are bothering him again. There is probably nothing I like less than a teething baby. Remedies are limited and don’t often work to the point that the little one is completely content. Quite frustrating as a mother.


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