The joys of old aparment living.

If there is one more morning when I wake up, try to vacuum, and subsequently blow a fuse, I may scream. Because, here’s the thing, my landlords are native town folks (as in they’ve lived in this tiny town their entire lives, not that they are native american) and the do things very very VERY slowly. It takes about 3 phone calls and a couple of trips to their store, where they proceed to talk about the weather for 30 minutes, before anything is ever fixed. Mr. Tambourine has actually learned how to fix light switches (and I suppose will now learn how to change a fuse) in order to avoid the need to speak with our landlords.

The problem is, we live in an aparment that was built in the 40’s. Instead of having a big renovation to update the entire aparment, my landlord’s approach is to just fix things as they happen, which wouldn’t be a problem, if things didn’t go wrong EVERY SINGLE DAY! I may be exaggerating a bit, but since we moved in a year and a half ago we’ve had numerous fuses blow, and have to be replaced, an oven that had to be replaced, a washer that has had to be replaced, lightswitches that have gone haywire, baseboard heating that has stopped working, and now our roof is leaking. I am slightly apprehensive to even bring up the roof problem with the landlords because I am sure, if they choose to replace the roof, it will take forever, and I’m not sure if I have it in me to go without a roof for the time being.

You may be wondering why I remain in that apartment. As much as I complain it’s a HUGE apartment, and is very reasonably priced. Other landlords in the area have taken advantage of the fact that the law students here need a place to stay, and because it’s such a small town, our options are limited. This results in increased prices for incredibly tiny TINY apartments. I’ve honestly seen a house that is roughly 1,500 square feet be converted into 4 apartments. My apartment is around 1,500 square feet alone. It also came furnished, has it’s own washer and dryer, and is very close to my school. These were all important things I was looking for when apartment hunting two summers ago. As frustrating as it is to have things go wrong, I cannot justify moving the little Tambourine, Mr. Tambourine, and myself to a much smaller apartment where we’d have to purchase all new furniture, only because I don’t want to deal with landlords. As it is the adults have a bedroom, the little Tambourine has a bedroom AND a playroom, we have an office, a living room, a kitchen and a decent sized bathroom. It’s more than we need, but now that we’ve gotten used to it, we’ve become spoiled.

For now it is better for us to continue on then it is to move. We’re only here for another year and a half. As long as nothing major goes wrong, I suppose we can deal with it.


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